Story of Aver Asia

Who we are

Aver Asia was built on demand. The region’s heavy industrious needs mandated the Singaporean company. Since 1999, Aver Asia held a vital role in multi-industries and solved challenges, of all sizes, in construction, marine, offshore, and oil and gas.

We have all the time put an eye on South East Asia. With the center of operations based in Singapore, our footprint has crossed over to Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. This empowered us to extend our working range.

Within the access and build environment, Aver Asia partnered with trusting brands – Genie, Airman, Doosan and Hercules - to provide clients with wide-ranging products. In 2016, Aver Asia received accreditation as an IPAF approved training center and signed a memorandum with Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to setup training facility in ITE College West.


standard & quality

Aver Asia works hard to stretch both working and product range to better meet needs of customers. We are always on a lookout for good brand partners. All our efforts demonstrated a commitment for excellence.

At Aver Asia, we aim to be your most preferred choice within South East Asia.