20th Century Fox World

20th Century Fox World

Sep 21, 2018

Another reason to visit Malaysia in 2019

(Malaysia) Genting Highlands was always my favorite (and the only) holiday spot when I was a kid. For a Singaporean family, it is the lowest-priced place to still feel the chill.

The family attraction offered many recreational activities such as arcades, bowling alley, cinemas, and massive outdoor theme parks.

What makes it really special is the “cool effect” high up in the mountains.

The upcoming movie-inspired theme park will spread joy to the next generation of young families. The 20th Century FOX World will become the only functioning 20th Century theme park in the world and the first in Asia upon completion by 2019.

250 acres in size, 25 thrill rides and attractions based on films that are unquestionably familiar to us, including Ice Age, Titanic, Night at the Museum, Planet of the Apes, etc. Aver Asia Rental Sdn Bhd was engaged to support the construction of the new theme park with our fleet of boom lifts. Right at the beginning, we need to make special arrangement to transport our bulky equipment to the work site at the top of Genting Highlands. That alone, is no easy feat.

When the new 20th Century theme park opens in 2019, bring your family and go catch some action. When you are in Genting Highlands and enjoying the amusement rides, do tell your children that our company has played a role to make this breathtaking theme park possible J