Who We Are

Who We Are

We are best known by industry players to be very transformational and a true blue icon.

Aver Asia has always had an eye on Southeast Asia. With the center of operations based in Singapore, our footprint has crossed over to Southeast Asia. Since 1999, we held a vital role in multi-industries and were involved in projects in construction, infrastructure, marine, offshore, and oil and gas.

Within the access and build environment, Aver Asia has partnered with trusting manufacturers – Genie, Airman, Doosan and Hercules – to provide clients with a wide range of quality products. Our quality assurance and customer service our commitment is evidences by our ISO 9001 certification. In 2016, Aver Asia became accredited as an IPAF approved training center and signed a memorandum with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to set up a training facility in ITE College West.

Aver Asia is recognised globally as one of the largest rental companies in the Southeast Asia region (Access International, Aug-Sep 2018 issue). The many efforts clearly demonstrated our commitment for excellence. Aver Asia will continue to work hard to live up to our motto as your best equipment partner across Asia.