Advantages of Li-Ion Batteries

Advantages of Li-Ion Batteries

Feb 22, 2022

Electric scissor lifts of today are typically powered by lead-acid batteries, which are comprised of a number of lead plates in a bath of acid. This technology has been the go-to choice for batteries for more than 150 years. But following in the footsteps of electric-powered vehicles, including golf carts and cars, scissor lifts are now starting to adopt lithium ion battery technology.

Introduced in the 1980s, lithium ion technology gained popularity among consumers for its ability to efficiently power small electronics like cell phones, laptops and cordless tools. Equipped with li-ion technology, these batteries use the transfer of lithium ions to provide power and charge. 

Today’s lithium ion technology has evolved from those early days of powering and charging smaller items, and with new formulas available, it now offers a more robust power and charge, enabling manufacturers life Genie to utilize it for small-to mid-sized construction equipment, such as scissor lifts.For instance, the lithium ion battery option for Genie®GS™-1930 (North American model) and GS-1932 (EMEAR model) scissor lifts is made up of a Lithium Iron Phosphate mixture (commonly referred to as LFP).This is a proven battery chemistry well suited for the performance required in demanding rental applications and jobsite environments. 

To further enhance performance of the new Genie lithium ion battery, we have incorporated battery heaters into the design of this new option to enable the battery to provide reliable, consistent operation in temperatures down to -20° F (-29° C).

All of these engineering advancements in lithium ion battery technology translate to significant advantages of this technology when used in scissor lifts compared with traditional lead-acid battery options, including a substantial reduction total cost of ownership and enhanced emissions-free jobsite performance. For example, by comparison to lead-acid batteries battery maintenance and watering is eliminated —saving time and money. 

In addition to requiring minimal maintenance, Genie lithium ion batteries packs reduce the frequency of battery replacements throughout the life of the slab scissor, thanks to their long life characteristics.

Developed in response to increasing customer demand for innovative new “green” equipment, the new Genie lithium ion battery technology solution offers quick, efficient charging and long battery life, which provides a more environmentally friendly option for Genie GS scissor lifts.

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