Aerial Equipment 101: What Is a Material Lift?

Aerial Equipment 101: What Is a Material Lift?

Sep 21, 2021

Material lifts are portable aerial work platforms that offer affordable solutions for lifting, positioning and installing materials. It is important to understand material lifts and their uses in order to make the best recommendation for rental customers’ jobsite needs.

Material lifts are convenient and low-maintenance while providing many other benefits. For example, they minimize the potential for injuries by doing the heavy lifting for operator, and they lift materials and are dynamic, easy to use and customizable to worksite needs. 

Why choose one?

    • They’re compact, portable and relatively inexpensive.
      One person can maneuver these lifts around the jobsite and load them into a pickup or van. They fit through a standard single door and fold for easy storage.
    • They’re simple to use.
      All units are fully assembled and require no tools for setup or take-down. They can be used indoors or outdoors: A CO2 cartridge, winch system, or an air compressor does the lifting, so there’s no engine running. All units come standard with non-marking wheels to protect floors.
    • They’re versatile.
      Multiple options and accessories are available to customize the lift for specific applications.
    • They do the lifting work for you.
      Material lifts help “save your back” — they’re an excellent solution for workplace rules and regulations associated with employee lifting.

The Genie® Hoist was the first material lift introduced to the market in 1966, and it became known worldwide as the product that “launched thousands of lifts.” Today, Genie material lifts are compact, lightweight units, constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and selected steel components, used to lift materials ranging from 200 to 1,000 lb (91 to 454 kg) to heights of up to 26 ft (7.94 m).

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