Aver Asia is your generator rental one-stop-shop and rental provider

Aver Asia is your generator rental one-stop-shop and rental provider

Jan 05, 2021


Aver Asia is recognised globally as one of the largest rental companies in the Southeast Asia region. Since 1999, we have held a vital role in multi-industries and have been involved in projects in construction, infrastructure, marine, offshore, and oil and gas.

At Aver Asia, we deliver to anywhere your construction site, warehouse, or destination is located. Our rental system is so well organized and prompt that we can have our machine ready for you with the machine inspection before we deliver it to your hands for your highest advantage of safety at your worksite.

Aver Asia is a secured Airman Distributor since 2012. Aver Asia is your one-stop-shop and rental provider for new and used generators in Singapore and across the region. Over the years we have forged a strong partnership with the industry’s trusted brands to bring you premium-quality generators that not only meet industry safety standards but suitable for numerous applications as well.

Since 1970, Airman has developed and sold the brash-less generators, our advanced generators. High performance, outstanding generation performance, eco-friendly, easy operation, safety, easy maintenance.

In terms of services, we have our machinist team standing by for you in an urgent case of any breakdown for your work to be continued to operate smoothly and got done on time. We perform maintenance to high standards, it reduces unexpected problems.

Our line features the Airman generator set, a popular pick among customers due to its durability, low maintenance, ease of operation, and overall safety. We also have the SDG series, which boast high performance and low noise, thanks to their low transient reactance alternator and reinforced damper coil.

The standard model SDG series. The box type is designed for operating on the vehicle. More portable, more compact, and easier access to sight.

Ultra Super Silent Models SDG-AS series. The series is suitable for use in silent places like the hospital, the bank office, the office building, the theater, and event sites. And already equipped in that place.

Aver Asia offers a line of generator equipment for construction, marine, oil, and industrial applications. Whether you buy or rent out, you can have peace of mind. We offer both new and used equipment. We provide quality parts and accessories that meet industrial safety standards. Talk to our friendly salesperson at +65 6861 6368 or email enquiry@averasia.com today!