Boom Lift Rental with Aver Asia

Boom Lift Rental with Aver Asia

Mar 30, 2021

Aver Asia carries a large fleet of plant machinery from many leading brands. Aver Asia is recognised globally as one of the largest rental companies in the Southeast Asia region. We sell, rent, supplies parts and services for numerous types and brands of aerial access equipment.

You will enjoy some advantages when a boom lift on rent is more advantageous than buying it.

1. We help you to save your time. We plan and meet your work-at-height requirements step-by-step and follow the schedule.

2. We help you to save your money. For other models or brands, booms to and match your budget. We offer completely certified second-hand boom lift in working condition as good as new.

3. We help you to be more flexible with any changes in the business or job requirements. We offer the best way for the right MEWP for a job is for them to work closely with their customers to understand how the MEWP needs to be used on the jobsite.

4. We help you to make sure that risks on the jobsite or job requirements are reduced when you deal with us. Using the latest technology, we help you manage your jobsite or job requirements in the most efficient and professional way

5. We help you to get additional services related to the use of the boom lift. We assist you to find the right servicing and equipment! We also look into after-sale too. And that’s why we have a comprehensive parts and accessories department from nuts to engines.

6. We carry different brands, models, and years for the equipment. The equipment is of various years and models and can be refurbished inside-out to look and work as good as new. We provide quality parts and accessories that meet industrial safety standards.

Regardless of the size, type, and age of our fleet, we ensure that maintenance is fully and properly performed has benefits for a rental company’s reputation and bottom line. 

Our wide-ranging Equipment, boom-lifts, scissor-lifts, and aerial work platforms, will allow you to reach remote and high areas. Aver Asia’s aerial platforms are sourced from trusted brands and certified to meet stringent safety standards; hence making them the ideal choice for you.

Whether you buy or rent out, you can have peace of mind. We offer both new and used equipment. We provide quality parts and accessories that meet industrial safety standards.

Call +65 6861 6361 or Email  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly salesperson. He can certainly help you find the right equipment to meet your budget and job requirements.