Buy and rental a portable generator for sale in Singapore

Buy and rental a portable generator for sale in Singapore

Oct 07, 2019

Whether you want to power up a single appliance or an entire building, we have the perfect generator set that will satisfy your every need and give you peace of mind.

Aver Asia is your one-stop shop and rental provider for new and used generators in Singapore and across the region. Over the years we have forged a strong partnership with the industry’s trusted brands to bring you premium-quality generators that not only meet industry safety standards, but suitable for numerous applications as well.

Our models are specifically designed for heavy-duty use in industrial and construction sites. Efficient yet cost-effective, our generators boast high performance, low maintenance and reduced overall noise. In terms of durability, units have undergone air flow and water penetration testing to guarantee smooth and weatherproof operations.

Our line features the Airman generator set, a popular pick among customers due to its durability, low maintenance, ease of operation and overall safety. We also have the SDG series, which boast high performance and low noise, thanks to their low transient reactance alternator and reinforced damper coil.


The models available, new, refurbished or used are:

  • SDG13S
  • SDG25S
  • SDG45S
  • SDG60S
  • SDG100S


  • SDG125S
  • SDG150S
  • SDG220S
  • SDG300S
  • SDG400S


  • SDG500S
  • SDG610S
  • SDG800S



Should you require assistance in buying or renting a generator set, our friendly staff is always ready to give you a hand and offer expert advice.

Aver Asia offers a line of equipment for construction, marine, oil and industrial applications. Products include air compressor, boom lifts, and generator for rent and sale. For the full specifications of our units, you may reach us at +65 6861 6368 or email today!. Talk to us today!