Singapore Forklift Rental, Safety, Powerful lifting & Good Forklift

Singapore Forklift Rental, Safety, Powerful lifting & Good Forklift

Jun 24, 2019

From its humble beginnings as a simple hoist, the forklift has experienced numerous transformations and enhancements to suit the ever-changing demands of a dynamic industrial environment. Nowadays, electric forklifts are preferred due to their durability, stability and ease of use.


A forklift works by using a hydraulics system, in which pressurized fluid is pumped into the machine’s engine, causing the forks or mast to be lifted. Subsequently, releasing pressurized air causes the mast to dropdown.

A forklift is suitable for construction industries in Singapore and has benefits such as:

    • Increased safety – Trained workers can now manage heavy loads with little physical effort and away from danger.
    • Powerful lifting and loading capabilities – Forklifts are designed to lift heavy loads weighing several tonnes.
    • Ease of use – This equipment is highly manoeuvrable and compact enough to be used within tight spaces, whether indoors or outdoors.
    • Customization – Different types of parts are available depending on your specifications.
    • Low-maintenance – The forklift is suitable for heavy-duty applications yet does not require frequent upgrades and maintenance.


Aver Asia offers a wide range of industrial equipment in Singapore and beyond, from forklifts to compressors. The company also provides forklift rentals. For enquiries, talk to our friendly salesperson at +65 6861 6361 or Email today!