General-purpose Emergency backup generator for failure of utility source

General-purpose Emergency backup generator for failure of utility source

Dec 01, 2020

Our line features the Airman generator set, a popular pick among customers due to its durability, low maintenance, ease of operation, and overall safety.

We also have the SDG-E series emergency backup generator, which boasts high performance and low noise, thanks to their low transient reactance alternator and reinforced damper coil.

When an electric utility outage takes place, the set is automatically switched from the utility source to the backup generator, and when the utility power is restored, it is automatically switched back to the utility power source.

Three attempts starting operation:

If the engine fails to start up after 10 seconds of cranking, an additional two more attempts to start will be included to ensure the engine started up. “ Difficulty in starting” indication lamp will only be on after engine failed to start after three attempts.

1. Trial (Test) operation availability.

Test operation is available for maintenance and inspection as a standard function.

2. Built-in Battery charger.

ATS panel incorporates a battery charger to keep charging the battery of a standby generator.

3. fault indication Lamp.

The generator fault indication lamp is equipped on the ATS panel. This is a consolidated indication for out of fuel, fuel filter clogging, low engine oil pressure, high coolant temperature, over current, and earth leakage

Our models are specifically designed for heavy-duty use in industrial and construction sites. Efficient yet cost-effective, our generators boast high performance, low maintenance, and reduced overall noise. In terms of durability, units have undergone airflow and water penetration testing to guarantee smooth and weatherproof operations.


Features and benefits of SDG-E series emergency backup generator

  1. Simplified construction incorporating all required functions
  2. Light-weight and compact
  3. Easy connection between ATS panel and generator

Examples of Backup Power Supply

  • Poultry facilities and Winery
  • Gas-station
  • Housing, Villa residence, Office and Factory Communication station
  • Broadcasting station, lighting facilities, and Traffic signal station
  • On-line system of banks, Credit unions, and Agricultural cooperative associations
  • Battery for portable telephones base
  • Facilities for draining water for underground engineering construction


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