Guidance for Using MEWPs in Cold Weather Conditions

Guidance for Using MEWPs in Cold Weather Conditions

Nov 30, 2021

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean all construction work stops for the winter. But plummeting temperatures and the thought of snowfall means it is time to make sure your rental fleet is winter ready. Luckily, there are options available, and steps you can take, to ensure peak performance no matter the weather.

The first step is ensuring you have the proper materials and accessories for cold weather work. Depending on your jobsite needs and expected temperatures, this could include:

    • Specialty “arctic oil.” While internal combustion engine powered units are cold-start tested to -20F (-29C) with the standard Chevron Rycon MV hydraulic oil, arctic oil is designed for temperatures consistently below 0F (-18C). Make sure to select the correct oil viscosity for the temperature range in which your equipment will operate.
      • If you want to change to a lower viscosity oil, Genie recommends using Chevron 5606A. For information regarding changing oils, please contact the Genie Product Support team.
    • Accessories such as block heaters, battery blankets, hydraulic tank heaters, pan heaters and freeze plug heaters.

For extreme cold weather needs, Genie offers cold weather packages to make sure you have what you need to get the job done.

Additionally, once your equipment is on the jobsite, there are steps you can take to make sure it continues to perform to its full capabilities.

    • Allow equipment to warm up properly at the beginning of the day. This gives the oil a chance to flow through the system and heat up hydraulic components. Additionally, the engine and transmission function better if given ample time to warm up before using.
    • Inspect cold-weather package items frequently for proper operation. Follow all maintenance procedures according to schedule, or as needed.
    • Remember that platform load sensing systems monitors the weight in the platform and disable functions if the load is above the platform load limit, and in cold weather applications, this means heavy jackets and boots will count toward the platform’s total capacity.

Ensuring you have the right equipment and accessories for the job will keep your jobsite operating to its full potential, no matter the weather.


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