How to Tow a Trailer-Mounted Boom

How to Tow a Trailer-Mounted Boom

Sep 13, 2022

In addition to the ability to reach up, over and out, one of the features that make trailer-mounted booms a popular option for work at height is their ease of transport and mobility. Trailer-mounted booms, such as the Genie® TZ™-34 and TZ-50, can be towed behind a pickup or SUV. But before you pick up your TZ, there are a few things to think through to make sure you’re ready to safely transport it to your work site.

The first place you should look for guidance on how to properly tow a TZ is the operators manual. The manual will have step-by-step guides for your particular model TZ, any specific issues you may encounter when preparing it for transportation, and a towing checklist on the back cover. Reviewing and following these materials is a critical step in ensuring safe transport of any heavy equipment to and from a work site. If you are renting a TZ, a representative from the rental company can make sure you know how to properly transport your lift. The rental company may also make sure your vehicle has sufficient towing capacity, as the weight of a TZ can fluctuate based on options you select for the lift you’re renting. Make sure you know the towing capacity of your vehicle before planning your rental. Once you’ve confirmed your vehicle has sufficient towing capacity and reviewed the manual the next step before driving away is to attach the safety chains and the brake cables to the vehicle. Cross the chains under the hitch.

After the equipment is properly secured, make sure you take care driving to your destination. Transporting heavy equipment is not like driving a car or truck. Best driving practices when towing equipment include keeping a safe distance between you and the vehicles in front of you; slowing down for downgrades, curves or hazardous road conditions; and avoiding sudden movements with your vehicle that could cause the trailer to jackknife. The maximum towing speed is 60 mph (97 km/h) to ensure control of your vehicle and any trailer you may be towing. 

Once you reach the jobsite, the manual can provide specifics on how to properly set-up and use the equipment. But, in general, make sure you are on a level surface and that the transport vehicle you’re using is secured to prevent it from rolling during the set-up process, just as you did when you initially set it up for towing.


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