Hybrid Fleet Addition Considerations

Hybrid Fleet Addition Considerations

Nov 14, 2017


Technology continually transforms business operations. The Internet has increased efficiencies and reduced the time it takes to complete many tasks from weeks or days to minutes or seconds.

Today’s technology enables rental companies to efficiently track machine location, upcoming service items, utilization rates, and it alerts service personnel to problems with a machine even before a downtime event.

Technology has also advanced machine design and capabilities. Take the Genie®Z™-60/37 FE hybrid articulated boom as an example. This machine makes it possible for contractors to operate on indoor projects under DC battery power. By switching to hybrid mode, this same boom performs as well as, if not better than diesel-only articulated booms on outdoor projects, while seamlessly charging the batteries via an onboard generator.

Offering two operating modes, the Genie Z-60/37 FE boom increases utilization rates, while delivering lower acquisition and long-term operating costs.

Power and Performance

The Genie Z-60/37 FE boom doesn’t compromise on performance, regardless of the task. The 48V DC battery pack provides a full day of emissions-free operation indoors on a single battery charge. Its 24-hp diesel engine efficiently powers a generator that delivers automatic battery charging while operating in hybrid mode.

Should the batteries be fully discharged, this hybrid boom can run solely under diesel engine power, while the generator provides a bulk charge to the batteries in about 4 hours. The battery and diesel engine also work together to power through demanding tasks, such as steep terrain, to maximize machine performance.

Similar to diesel-powered units, the hybrid Genie Z-60/37 FE boom comes standard equipped with the Genie FastMast™ system. This allows the boom to quickly travel from full height to below grade and back under single-control operation to shorten ground-to-top lift time and boost productivity.


Extreme Versatility 

Offering the best of both worlds through indoor and outdoor operation is just the beginning for this versatile boom. It provides 60 ft of working height, 36 ft 7 in of horizontal outreach and 24 ft 3 in of up-and-over clearance to work on a wide range of projects. The boom’s 5-ft jib delivers 70° up and 65° down range of motion and 160° platform rotation, giving the operator more options for getting into tight spaces without repositioning the boom. With its narrow footprint and 23-in tail swing, the Genie Z-60/37 FE boom works in confined spaces.

A high-efficiency, 4-wheel AC motor drive enables this hybrid model to go anywhere its diesel-powered counterparts can. The IP67 sealed design protects the AC drive motors from dust and water infiltration. This allows the boom to drive through muddy conditions without fear of motor damage and enables to wheels to be submerged in water.


Lower Costs

With its advanced hybrid design, the Genie Z-60/37 FE boom offers a host of features for lowering total cost of ownership, beginning with a lower acquisition cost than comparable diesel-powered booms. The machine’s mechanical 24-hp diesel engine meets stringent Tier 4F standards without requiring aftertreatment, so it’s easier and less costly to service. Even with its significantly smaller, 17-gal diesel tank, this fuel-sipping hybrid unit offers up to a week’s operation without refueling, significantly reducing long-term operating costs.

In addition to being sealed for protection, the direct AC drive system features motors that have no brushes to replace and no DC commutators to service. Additionally, the standard AGM batteries are maintenance free, so no checking/topping off is required, keeping shop time to a minimum.

High utilization on indoor/outdoor applications…low-cost operation…power and performance rivaling/exceeding diesel-powered models…time-saving service features. If your boom rental strategy does not include advanced hybrid boom designs, then your fleet is missing its workhorse.


Link: https://www.genielift.com/en-sg/

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