Industry Mentors’ Network

Industry Mentors’ Network

Nov 09, 2018


Let’s give them a lift as they are our tomorrow

(Singapore) We always believe that we lift them up today as they are our tomorrow. Youths are our tomorrow. Just imagine, does it make any sense to “dump” the wisdom, experience and technical know-hows in the likes of Mr Ng and Dion; if not, will it be better for us to transfer them to the next generation? (I know what you’re thinking, many mini-Dions may be quite nerve-wracking)

The Industry Mentors’ Network (IMN) is a joint-polytechnic initiative started in 2015 to connect tertiary students with industry professionals for career guidance and industry network opportunities. The IMN framework is designed to enhance the knowledge sharing, exploring activities, engagements, and importantly, close in on the gaps of the career options, expectations, and job market. To date, over 6,000 students have benefited from this program.

As a former intern, lecturer and head of department, I have taken an all-round position to internship. When we knock ambition, wants and needs onto a cold hard steel, there will be harsh realities. Yet, it is also this very same discovery that lead us to find some gems for the industry; and unknowingly, re-ignite the passion and purpose of our old flames like Mike, Ali, Harry, Dyn and Vincent. They have much to share.

On 8 November 2018, Mr T K Ng, Plant Manager, signed the Memorandum of Understanding for IMN 2019 as the appointee of Aver Asia. We are one of the 66 participating corporate partners. Next year, you will expect batches of interns joining us in our Singapore office. Do have coffee with them, talk to them, guide them when they make mistakes, and inspire them with your story.