ITE College West Graduation Ceremony 2021

ITE College West Graduation Ceremony 2021

May 05, 2021


Are An


Congratulations to:

Heng Ghee An

Royce Tan Yao Liang

Nor Adlina Bte Sabarrudin

Rifqi Afiq Bin Haslin

On your merited success!

Aver Asia sponsored the Outstanding Student Awards and Book Prizes for the graduating cohort 2021 of Higher Nitec in Facility Management, Institute of Technical Education (ITE). The recipients of the Outstanding Student Awards are Heng Ghee An and Royce Tan Yao Liang. While Nor Adlina Bte Sabarrudin and Rifqi Afiq Bin Haslin are awarded the Book Prizes.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Aver Asia understands the need and obligation to groom the next generation. This steadfast pronouncement was first made in 2016 when Aver Asia signed a Memorandum with Institute of Technical Education (ITE) which was renewed to 31 Dec 2025.

In Singapore’s head office, the faces of young, cheerful interns in our workshops and office have never failed to revitalize the workplace in the last few years. Along the way, some of them have chosen Aver Asia as their first employer. 

To the 2021 graduating cohort of Higher Nitec in Facility Management, we are so proud of you and well wishes for your next adventure. Remember, “you may sometimes make life choices that put you out of the comfort zone; but do not be afraid to reach for it as this is often when achievements are made.”