New Normal: Safe Outdoors (21 May 2021)

New Normal: Safe Outdoors (21 May 2021)

May 21, 2021

Here are some tips to keep in mind as we keep everyone safe outdoors.

Here are some safety diversion measures!

New Normal: Safe Outdoors (21 May 2021)

  • Up to 2 people per group. No mixing between groups
  • Limit social gatherings to 2 a day
  • AVOID crowded parks. Check
  • Wear a mask unless doing strenuous exercises.
  • Keep 2 metres apart for intense activities.

From 17 May, SafeEntry can only be done with TraceTogether App or Token

  • Check-in with personal IDs, Singpass App or other QR scanners will be discontinued
  • Ensure your TraceTogether devices are working
  • Use SafeEntry Gateway for easy check-in

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Updated: 18 May 2021