New Normal: Safe Workplaces (Updated 25 August 2020)

New Normal: Safe Workplaces (Updated 25 August 2020)

Sep 01, 2020


At Aver Asia, you need to stay safe and safe. Stay healthy and happy.

Safe workplaces involve teamwork. Here are some tips to keep in mind as we keep everyone safe at work.

Today in the workplace! Here are some safety diversion measures!

New Normal: Safe Workplaces

  • Work from home where possible
  • When in the office, keep your mask on
  • Stagger work and break hours at the office
  • Sit at least 1 metre apart
  • Disinfect shared surfaces before and after use
  • Use TraceTogether App or Token


If you are sick:

  • Wear a surgical mask
  • See a doctor
  • Stay at home
  • DON’T doctor-hop

See a doctor early if you have mild flu-like symptoms


Do not spread rumours

Get the latest on COVID-19 by signing up for the WhatsApp channel ( The service is available in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.


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New Normal: Safe Workplaces (Updated 25 August 2020)

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