Safe Distancing At The Workplace

Safe Distancing At The Workplace

Mar 27, 2020

We need to have safe distancing at the workplace

In Aver Asia, we need to identify risks to work health and safety from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. We need to follow government directions, including implementing appropriate social distancing.

What you can do to have safe distance at the workplace. For example, you could:

    • Limit the size of meetings
    • Physical distancing of at least 1 metre apart
    • Stagger work and lunch hours
    • Defer or cancel non-critical work events
    • Increase cleaning in the workplace
    • Limit access to the workplace by other people
    • Provide access to personal protective equipment
    • Put in measures in place to avoid close contact between people
    • Use of tele-commute, video and tele-conference by other people
    • Direct workers to work from another location, such as their home
    • Encourage everyone in the workplace to practice good personal hygiene by providing access to appropriate hygiene facilities such as hand washing and hand sanitiser 
    • Employees are reminded to practise social responsibility by observing good personal hygiene, monitoring their own health conditions and staying at home to rest if unwell. : let’s do our part – 26 Mar 2020:

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