Safety Reminder — Wet Weather Safety

Safety Reminder — Wet Weather Safety

Apr 26, 2021

In the coming weeks, heavy showers and strong winds are forecasted for Singapore. (source: Meteorological Service Singapore).
Wet weather and windy conditions can pose additional workplace risks for workers, especially those working in outdoor environments. These include lightning; electrical risks; slips, trips, and falls; falls from heights; and struck by falling objects.
Employers must ensure that workers are aware of these risks and take measures to protect themselves. These measures include:
 Taking shelter in dry sheltered areas e.g., inside a building;
 Not using power tools in the rain or under wet conditions;
 Avoiding work at heights until the weather improves;
 Looking out for slip and trip hazards, especially in wet work areas; and
 Wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (anti-fog eye protection, insulated gloves, safety boots, etc.)
Employers should keep themselves updated on the latest weather and ensure the environmental conditions are safe and conducive for work to be carried out safely by all workers. 
The myENV mobile app may be downloaded to access real-time and forecast information on the weather at your current location, flash flood alerts, air quality alerts, and more. Find out more about the myENV app at

Download myENV app

The myENV app is a one-stop platform that provides information on our environment, water services and food safety in Singapore.
It provides a comprehensive suite of information and services from the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) which covers weather, air quality, dengue hot spots, water levels, floods, water disruption, hawker centres, food hygiene, and recycling. Users can also report feedback to MSE and its agencies through this app.


  • Access real-time information on Singapore’s weather and receive push-notification alerts when heavy rain occurs
  • View the latest PSI and hourly PM2.5 information
  • Locate dengue clusters and areas with higher Aedes mosquito population
  • Search for hawker centres
  • View food alerts and recall related information
  • Obtain food hygiene related information such as Food Establishment Hygiene Grades and list of licensed food caterers
  • Receive alerts on environmental situations such as earthquakes, drain water levels, flash floods, lightning and haze
  • Get updates on water supply disruption
  • Provide feedback to NEA, PUB and SFA

MSE will be rolling out new features progressively. If there’s suggestions to improve the app further, do send it over to MSE!

Download for iPhone and iPad | Download for Android



In Aver Asia, the first goal, we need to think about how best to protect workers, control, stay safe and healthy. Please do look after yourselves and your families. Safety Reminder: Wet Weather Safety. We will be going to get through this, together.