Creating a Green Future Without Carbon Emissions

At Aver Asia, sustainability is a core value that drives our work to innovate the construction industry. We are excited to share our sustainability journey that will start from our HQ, Singapore. We are committed to sustainability, and we have joined forces with AMPD Energy to offer the Enertainer Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This innovative technology is an alternative to conventional diesel generators, providing a greener, quieter, and more elective power option for construction sites.

AMPD’s Enertainer consists of over 30,000 battery cells of automotive grade, organized into battery modules that are fireproof and explosion-proof, and energized by high-performance power electronics. Components, hardware and software that are customized for the specific needs of construction sites. (For more info about AMPD’s Enertainer please visit: )

AMPD’s Enertainer has helped our customers reduce CO2 emissions by 2.8 thousand tonnes and diesel consumption by 1.6 million litres and counting.





Aver Asia is leading the way in green construction methods. Our collaboration with AMPD Energy’s Enertainer shows our dedication to creating a better future for the industry. Come along with us on this exciting journey toward a more eco-friendly, peaceful, and responsible construction field.




Main Characteristics of AMPD Enertainer


Up to 75% reduction in overall operational expenses (OPEX) and total cost of ownership.

Achieve an impressive 85% reduction in the carbon footprint, eliminating direct emissions of NX, PM, and SO2.

Zero recharging downtime and minimal annual maintenance downtime, ensuring maximum productivity.

Operates 32 times quieter, enabling use during noise-sensitive hours without compromising efficiency.

Eliminate diesel fire hazards, reduce on-site diesel storage, and enhance on-site safety.

Stay connected to the Enertainer’s IoT platform anytime, anywhere, ensuring constant monitoring and control.