Take time to take care of your safety and health : for employees

Take time to take care of your safety and health : for employees

Aug 05, 2020

A healthier you is a safer you. When employees are mentally healthy, they are less susceptible to stress or related health issues.

Such a work environment not only creates a healthy but also productive workforce. A simple act such as ensuring that they have adequate rest breaks or putting in a word of care is all it takes.  

Do you realize that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to being safer at the workplace?

Do you know that overworking can lead to not just physical fatigue but also a lack of focus? When you’re feeling tired from working outdoors in the heat, please stop work, drink enough water, and rest in a shady area. Short breaks also help you to stay alert, gain perspective, and make the right decisions so that you can avoid any mishaps and accidents.

Stop neglecting your health and start to take time to:

  1. Stay active and eat right

  2. Rest and Recover

  3. Manage your health

  Stay active and eat right

1. Stay active and eat right

Eat health

Stop smoking

Reduce alcohol

Stay active

Watch your weight




rest and recover


2. Rest and recover

Take time for breaks

Drink enough water

Get enough sleep





manage your health


3. Manage your health

Know your health condition

Stop work when you are unwell

Don’t keep medical condition a secret

Maintain your personal hygiene

Manage your mental stress

Together, Aver Asia, we can be safer and healthier at work! We are in this together.

Link: https://www.taketimetotakecare.sg/