The AS series generator sets are suitable for use in the silent place like the hospital, the bank office, the office, the office building, the theater, event site. And already equipped in that place.

Our wide range of generators will meet your every need. Whether you buy or rent, you can have a peace of mind. We offer both new and used equipment.

Aver Asia offers generators for rent here in Singapore, and has partnered with trusted brands to provide customers with quality generators that meet industrial safety standards. On the other hand, if you plan to buy a generator, we will be able to give you some good advice too.

Our generators are specially designed for hard work in construction sites and prevention of rain penetration. Airman’s generators are fully bunded with extended tank minimizing any potential rain water penetration and the maintenance work required.

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Frequency:50/60 Hz
Voltage Output:200/400 V, 220/440 V
Rated Speed:1500/1800 RPM

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