The “A” Tower Story

The “A” Tower Story

Jul 18, 2017

The “A” Tower

In the coming days, you will be seeing more of “it”.

The success of Aver Asia today relied on an A-Team comprising
Sales, Operations, Workshop, Finance, Admin, Invoicing and Store.
Everyone plays a different role, but everyone is equally valued.

As we widen our influence into the region, it makes it even more
crucial for us to have an identity. One, of our very own.

The tower of equipment will be symbolic to Aver Asia. There will be
no more scattered products. Just one. It will creates the distinction
between us and our competitors, in Singapore or regionally.

We do carry many brands, and may probably build new relationships
with new partners in the future. But what will not change is we are
always the best equipment partner to our customers, manufacturers
and suppliers. 

It is also a tower of strength. It personified our competencies and standards; while clearly demonstrated that we know our business.  Interestingly, the tower looks like an “A”.