The sky’s the limit for Aver Asia

The sky’s the limit for Aver Asia

Nov 16, 2018

(Myanmar) Aver Asia has invested in Myanmar since 2014 and it has grown from a humble fleet of 8 units to 170 units of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms(MEWP) & other machinery in Yangon today. We’re not stopping there. Its Singapore HQ has 4,500 Rental Equipment, and as Mr Maverick Yeo, General Manager of Aver Asia Cambodia and Myanmar sees it, “In a big country like Myanmar, there is a lot more room for a business like ours to grow. And we will continue to expand our capacity.”


Major Infrastructure Projects

Our machinery has been applied to major infrastructure projects across Myanmar, such as Airports, Sea Ports, Railways, Power Plants, and many other areas. Our most notable project is the Yangon International Airport Terminal 1 and 2 upgrades.

Our MEWP are also used in:

  • M&E Phases (façade, cladding, electrical wiring service etc) and the final exterior touch-up before handover
  • Billboard and signage installation, and building maintenance

Other equipment includes:

  • Genset rental for high-reliability requirement events such as “The ONE” Championship
  • Forklifts for Important Loading and Loading of Factory Equipment, particularly during Setup
  • Compressors for Fiber Optics Cable installation (underground pipelines, Shipyards)

The strength of Aver Asia*

  • #36 largest in the world
  • #1 largest in S.E. Asia
  • #1 largest in Myanmar

*Access 50 Rental Fleets, Access International Magazine, August-September 2018.


Training & Education

As a leader in the market, we work closely with all our partners in providing professional and safe usage of MEWP. We built our Myanmar branch on the strict safety standards of Singapore, one of the highest in the world, and we strive to influence the safety practice and mindset wherever we go. Our technical knowledge and skills are also updated and upgraded in line with the latest innovations.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we support the local community and actively participate in fundraising for disaster relief.

Boom lift used at MPT site


Boom lift used at Myanmar Plaza


Genset at the ONE Championship event


For all enquiries, including a no-obligation equipment demonstration, please contact:

Tel: +959776106000