Training The Youths

Training The Youths

Oct 20, 2017

Wherever we go, we like to make it better

-Training the Youths Around the World-

Ever since Aver Asia signed a memorandum with Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to setup training facility in ITE College West in 2016, we have continued to collaborate closely with the technical institution on internships. 

In Singapore, we welcomed ITE interns into our workshop and office. Across overseas offices, we have started our recruitment drive to build a young and energetic workshop team.

We perform on the-job-training to empower young people from different countries and backgrounds to realize their dreams and improve their lives. One does not become a mechanic within a week – it takes training, hands-on and discipline. In short, it takes years to build up the experience. There is no question that we will, one day, have the finest mechanics in the industry. Is our passion to pass on the good trade.