Using MEWPs in Different Markets and Applications

Using MEWPs in Different Markets and Applications

Mar 16, 2021

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are used in a variety of work environments. It is important to understand the different markets and applications in order to better understand your customers and their equipment needs. The characteristics of the worksite help determine the type of equipment to recommend. Each market presents opportunities to expand your customer base and partner with your customers by guiding them on their equipment needs.  


The construction industry provides the largest market for MEWPs. When any construction project phase goes in the air, there are indoor and outdoor applications and uses for all types of MEWPs.  MEWP’s (scissor lifts and booms) can be used to position people and their tools, equipment and materials during the erection of all types of buildings. Rough-terrain features, such as four-wheel drive, oscillating axles and rough terrain tires, are designed to drive over rough surfaces on undeveloped outdoor construction sites. Features like non-marking tires, dual fuel options and hybrid technology enable this type of equipment to also work in indoor construction applications.

Examples of who is using MEWPs on construction sites are:

    • Mechanical ContractorsUsing MEWPs in Different Markets and Applications
    • Electrical Contractors
    • Air Conditioning Contractors
    • Heat and Ventilation Contractors
    • General Contractors
    • Painting Contractors
    • Plumbing Contractors
    • Fire Protection Contractors
    • Plasterboard Installers
    • Carpentry and Finishing Contractors
    • High Rise Construction
    • Air Filtration Installers
    • Overhead Door Installers
    • Service & Maintenance Contractors
    • Glass Installers
    • Metal Window and Vertical Blind Installers
    •  Insulation Installers (Spray & Gunite)
    • Acoustical, Sound and Lighting Installation
    • Conveyor System Installers
    • Sign Installation Contractors
    • Road, Bridge and Overpass Construction


Industrial facilities have multiple applications for material lifts and MEWPs, primarily scissor lifts, articulating booms and manually propelled elevating lifts. Maintenance is a primary task, although the equipment may also be used to aid people in various manufacturing and processing operations. MEWPs are used extensively when industrial facilities are being remodeled and/or retooled.

Most industrial plants are indoor facilities, so solid rubber non-marking tires and DC electric power are key equipment features. Industrial markets can actually be divided into two categories: Light and heavy industrial.

Some examples of each type are:

Light Industrial

    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Warehousing Operations
    • Processing Plants
    • Distribution Centers
    • Bottling Facilities and Breweries
    • Tobacco
    • Rubber and Plastics Production
    • Wineries
    • Automotive Plants
    • Textile Mills
    • Drug and Vitamin Facilities
    • Cold Stores

Heavy Industrial

    • Aircraft Facilities
    • Refineries
    • Paper Processing Plants
    • Chemical Plants
    • Rubber and Plastic Production
    • Ports
    • Shipyards
    • Transportation Equipment Manufacturers
    • Automotive Plants
    • Steel Mills
    • Utilities
    • Nuclear Plant Sites


Retail applications, such as use in malls, strip malls and big box chain store locations, is both a rental and sales market. Retail facilities use equipment such as scissor lifts, trailer-mounted booms and manually propelled elevating lifts for cleaning, decorating, lighting and other maintenance purposes. MEWPs are also utilized to access overhead sign and advertising locations.

Some examples of retail users are:

    • Department Stores
    • Shopping Malls and Centers
    • Bakeries
    • Large Retailers
    • Appliance Retailers
    • Auto Parts Stores
    • Office Equipment Distributors
    • Parcel Post Courier Services
    • Computer Sales Companies
    • Hardware Stores
    • Vending Machine Companies
    • Beverage Distributors
    • Flooring Distributors
    • Piano and Organ Retailers
    • Rental Stores


The government and municipality market is similar to the institutions market. Portable and easily transportable products are preferred and periodic multi-location applications are standard. Smaller self-propelled or manually propelled MEWPs are a good match.

Examples of government and municipality departments that use MEWPs are:

    • Legislative Buildings
    • Court Houses
    • Jails and Penitentiaries
    • Road and Highway Departments
    • State and Veteran Hospitals
    • Mental Institutions
    • Parks and Recreation Departments
    • City Maintenance Shops
    • Public Utility Departments
    • Youth and Juvenile Institutions
    • Incinerator Plants
    • Transit Authorities
    • Postal Facilities
    • Libraries
    • Telephone Companies
    • Air Force Bases
    • Army Posts
    • Navy and Coast Guard
    • Marines
    • Arsenals
    • State and National Monuments


Institutions are customers for both rental and sales of MEWPs. Their applications are typically maintenance in nature so the equipment is not used on a daily basis. A characteristic of the institutional market is the existence of multiple facilities so an important consideration is that the equipment is easily transportable.

Examples of institutional customers are:

    • Schools and Universities, Public and Private
    • Hospitals and Medical Centers
    • Convention and Exposition Centers
    • Hotels, Resorts and Large Motels
    • Office Buildings
    • Train Stations
    • Bus Terminals
    • Banks and Financial Institutions
    • Churches
    • Amusement Parks and Race Tracks
    • Vocational Training Centers
    • Country Clubs and Sports Clubs
    • Museums
    • Mausoleums
    •  Theaters and Auditoriums
    • Real Estate Management Companies
    •  Airports, Terminals and Hangars
    • Zoos
    • Professional Teams and Sports Stadiums

There is a diverse set of markets for MEWPs, and it is important to understand each one. By understanding the market you are capitalizing on the opportunity to understand your customers. When you seek to understand your customers you are well-equipped to provide them with the best equipment recommendation.

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