WSH Bulletin, 11 September 2020: Good SMM can prevent workplace deaths and accidents

WSH Bulletin, 11 September 2020: Good SMM can prevent workplace deaths and accidents

Sep 11, 2020

11 September 2020, Ref: 2021048

Good SMM can prevent workplace deaths and accidents


Singapore announced the end of Circuit Breaker on 1 June. Since then, unfortunately, there had been two workplace deaths. The lives of our workers are important, and every worker deserves to work in a safe environment.


The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council strongly urges businesses to continue to uphold good WSH practices and safe management measures (SMM) so that our workers can go home safe and healthy to their families.

Holden Tiling & Construction Pte Ltd, a micro builder (SME) specialising in building construction works, is one such company that has placed great emphasis on WSH. The company focuses on four areas:


• Safe workforce: Workers, who enter the worksite, must undergo regular
  swab tests and practise safe distancing. Office employees will work from home,
  while those who cannot perform their work from home, will work staggered days.
  Lunch hours are also staggered to limit congregation in groups. All workers
  and personnel are also required to download the TraceTogether App.
• Safe worksite: SafeEntry is used to record all entries and exits. All workers must
  also attend the COVID-19 Safe Training Course for the knowledge and guidance on
  safe practices, as well as being socially responsible to minimise the risk of 
  COVID-19. Selected workers from each worksite are sent to take the Safe 
  Management Officers Course for Construction to equip them with the knowledge
  and skills to implement and coordinate a system of SMM suitable for the sector.
• Safe accommodation and transport: There is dedicated transport to
  ferry workers between their accommodation and the worksites. Safe distancing
  measures are in place onboard their transport with staggered arrival timing.
• Safe time-out: 
If a worker is confirmed to have COVID-19, the company will
   take immediate steps to suspend works on site, identify the worker’s movement
   and workplace zones, as well as identify and isolate his close contacts.
   A thorough cleaning and disinfection of premises will be carried out according to
   the National Environment Agency guidelines, and a record of all suspected cases
   and daily reports will be submitted to the Building and Construction Authority.


The WSH Council supports such initiatives and urges companies to stay vigilant. 

Download training slides on the 12 Safe Management Measures for Workers here and the pictogram poster here.

Download training resources on common hazards and how to reduce workplace risks here.

To learn more about managing and improving employees’ health at the workplace, visit the National WSH Campaign 2020 microsite here.


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