WSH Bulletin, 16 November 2020: See you at The Singapore WSH Conference tomorrow!

WSH Bulletin, 16 November 2020: See you at The Singapore WSH Conference tomorrow!

Nov 16, 2020

16 November 2020, Ref: 2021070

See you at The Singapore WSH Conference tomorrow!


        Registered participants may start logging in from 12.45pm (SGT) on each
      Confernce day on 17-18 November 2020.
       We are overwhelmed and delighted that many of you have registered to attend the Conference.
       We thank you for your support and interest, and look forward to bringing like-minded people,
       like yourself, together in the next two days as we exchange best WSH practices, ideas
       and experiences, and explore opportunities in WSH collaborations with one another across
       the region. 

       Get ready for The Singapore WSH Conference 2020, where over 30 distinguished local
       and overseas speakers will share on how WSH can effectively transform your business
       operations and how you can empower your employees to contribute to a sustainable culture
       of care, trust and risk prevention in your workplace. You will also learn of new ways to engage
       and train people on workplace safety and health, and gain fresh insights from youths on their
       vision for WSH in the future.
        Learn from industry leaders the various digital advancements which you can apply to educate
        your workforce on workplace safety and health. They will show you how you can benefit from
        using immersive technology, micro-learning platforms, and realistic learning environments. 

        At the Conference, we will also ask young people, as future leaders, what they think the
        future of WSH will look like. Four youth speakers studying at the universities in Singapore will
        talk about:
              For enquiries, email

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