WSH Bulletin, 19 November 2020: Third Quarter 2020 National WSH Statistics // Industry Workshop

WSH Bulletin, 19 November 2020: Third Quarter 2020 National WSH Statistics // Industry Workshop

Nov 19, 2020

19 November 2020, Ref: 2021072

Third Quarter 2020 National WSH Statistics


There were six fatal injuries between July and September 2020 (3Q 2020), one fatality more than 2Q 2020 and one fatality less than 3Q 2019. The 12-month rolling fatal injury rate per 100,000 workers in 3Q 2020 remained the same as 2Q 2020 at 1.1. 

Major and minor injuries as well as occupational diseases were higher in 3Q 2020 compared to the previous quarter in 2Q 2020. This was likely due to the resumption of business activities after the Circuit Breaker period. However, these indicators in 3Q 2020 were still lower compared to 3Q 2019.
The Manufacturing sector had the most fatal and major injuries with 27 injuries, while the Construction sector contributed 16 injuries. The number of fatal and major injuries from Slips, Trips & Falls (STFs) rebounded sharply in 3Q 2020, as it remained the top cause of fatal and major injuries, with 49 injuries surpassing the numbers recorded in the last two quarters. 

The Ministry of Manpower and WSH Council urge all stakeholders to stay vigilant and take time to take care of safety and health at work. Companies are encouraged to do more to ensure a safe restart of work activities, such as:


• Review safety protocols and risk controls;
• Ensure equipment are in good working condition;
• Implement Safe Management Measures to minimise risks of COVID-19 outbreaks;
• Provide refresher training to help workers to adjust back to work after a period
   of inactivity and;

• Make sure that workers are fit and healthy to return to work.


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Maritime Safety: New Normal, New Paradigms


Through this webinar, participants will learn more about maritime safety, seafarer’s mental health and wellness, ship safety and incidents, as well as ship management in the new normal.

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Date: 30 November –
1 December 2020 
 Time: 4pm – 5:45pm
(30 November 2020)
10am – 5:45pm
(1 December 2020)
 Venue: Online platform

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