WSH Bulletin, 23 September 2020: WSH Landscape Webinar 2020 highlighted importance of WSH amidst COVID-19 // industry Workshop

WSH Bulletin, 23 September 2020: WSH Landscape Webinar 2020 highlighted importance of WSH amidst COVID-19 // industry Workshop

Sep 23, 2020

23 September 2020, Ref: 2021051

WSH Landscape Webinar 2020 highlighted importance of WSH amidst COVID-19 


The WSH Landscape Webinar 2020 was co-organised by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, Landscape Industry Association Singapore, National Parks Board, Singapore Arboriculture Society and Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects on
18 September 2020. The webinar aimed to emphasise the importance of WSH and adoption of COVID-Safe measures to ensure the safety and health of landscape workers. The webinar was attended by more than 260 participants from the landscape industry.


In the opening address by Dr Yap Him Hoo, Deputy Chairman of the WSH Council Landscape Sub-Committee and newly appointed Deputy CEO of Professional Development & Services at National Parks Board, he commended the companies in the landscape industry for rising up to the challenges due to COVID-19 and implementing the necessary Safe Management Measures promptly to protect the safety and health of their workers. He highlighted the importance of WSH for workers, businesses and the community, and urged all to continue to strive for higher WSH standards and performance for the industry through three strategies:


     1. Take ownership to ensure good WSH practices are upheld; for example,
         making sure that equipment is well-maintained and the appropriate personal
         protective equipment is provided to workers to prevent workplace incidents;
     2. Look after workers’ health, such as encouraging workers to monitor their
         health status and mental well-being; and that they should consult a doctor
         if unwell; and
     3. Adopt technology to eliminate or mitigate workplace risks, which will also
         benefit companies in terms of business continuity.


Topics on Stability Control System for Lorry Cranes, Working at Height and Design for Safety were shared at the webinar to raise WSH awareness and remind participants on the key WSH issues affecting the industry amidst COVID-19. Participants and the speakers also exchanged lively discussions during the panel Q&A, where they sought clarifications on funding support for utilising technology solutions and key WSH concerns for the landscape industry. 

The webinar was well received by participants who gave feedback that the topics and the training resources provided were a timely reminder for the industry especially during these challenging times.

Read Dr Yap’s speech here.

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Legal 101: Workplace Safety and Health Issues – Roles of various stakeholders and recent trends on fines imposed

Through this webinar, participants will get to understand the Parliaments intention to enact the Workplace Safety and Health Act, and learn the recent trends and fines imposed by the Courts against occupiers, employees and employers for workplace fatal accidents.


Get more information here.
 Date: 30 October 2020 (Friday)
 Time: 2pm – 5pm
 Venue: Zoom

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