WSH Bulletin, 26 October 2020: The Singapore WSH Conference 2020 registration is now open

WSH Bulletin, 26 October 2020: The Singapore WSH Conference 2020 registration is now open

Oct 26, 2020

26 October 2020, Ref: 2021062

The Singapore WSH Conference 2020 registration is now open

We are pleased to announce that The Singapore WSH Conference, 17-18
November 2020, is now open for registration! Get your tickets today.

    At The Singapore Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Conference, we will discuss the broad topics
      of  Health, Ownership and Technology in WSH in these COVID-19 times. As the premier platform for
      workplace and health stakeholders across the region, this Conference will bring together regulators,
      industry leaders and safety professionals to share with you how you can navigate through the different
      facets of WSH to create a safer and healthier workplace.

       As our world becomes increasingly digital, we see how the emergence of new technologies influence 
       the nature of our jobs in a way unseen in the past decade. Participants who attend The Singapore WSH 
       Conference 2020 will see how technology can play a critical role in reducing accident risks caused by
       human errors, replacing dangerous work activities, preventing potential lapses, and providing real-time
       insight into worker’s behaviours.

       Takeaways from our Plenary 2: 

       View the full line-up of over 30 speakers on the Conference website here.
   Find out if your association or organisation is a Conference Partner from the Conference website to
   enjoy savings when you sign up. Browse our list of 30 Conference Partners here.


   Individual NTUC members can apply for the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) when signing
   up for the Conference. Check out the UTAP funding here.

   Unionised companies can apply for the NETF Collaborative Fund (NCF) through their respective unions
   when signing up for the Conference.


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