WSH Bulletin, 6 November 2020: Get your business WSH-ready for the dynamic and evolving future of work

WSH Bulletin, 6 November 2020: Get your business WSH-ready for the dynamic and evolving future of work

Nov 06, 2020

6 November 2020, Ref: 2021066

Get your business WSH-ready for the dynamic and evolving future of work

         The Singapore WSH Conference 2020 will close with a tripartite panel discussion on the
         future of work. While the future of work offers unparalleled work opportunities, there will be
         significant WSH challenges ahead. To better manage the transition, businesses will have
         to adjust rapidly to the new normal and put in place sound WSH policies, while ensuring that
         safety and health are uncompromised. The Conference will also touch on the importance
         of companies and workers in preparing themselves for constant changes in the future of
         work while inculcating a strong culture of prevention in the workplace. 
        COVID-19 has taught us work will never be the same. But are we WSH 
        ready and competent to become adaptable and stronger in times of
        crisis and change?
         COVID-19, together with globalisation, technological progress and demographic changes,
         is profoundly affecting how businesses function and employees work, resetting expectations
         of how work fits into life. 
          At the tripartite panel discussion, some of the topics covered include:
                   • Ways to safeguard our employees as we reimagine and redefine work while “living”
                     with COVID-19.
                   • How things can be done differently in creating safe, healthy and productive
                     employees in these new ways of working. 
                   • The need to maintain Singapore’s competitive edge as we strengthen our
                      workforce’s mental resilience and well-being.
                   • Impact on our labour relations and manpower policies for workplaces of the future. 
          View the sypnoses of all presentations for the full 2-day Conference programme here.
         View the full line-up of over 30 speakers on the Conference website here.
         Individual NTUC members can apply for the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) when
         signing up for the Conference. Check out the UTAP funding here.

        Unionised companies can apply for the NETF Collaborative Fund (NCF) through their respective
        unions when signing up for the Conference.

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