There’s a Genie® GTH™ for every jobsite

There’s a Genie® GTH™ for every jobsite

7月 14, 2021

Gth Telehandlers


    • Available in 6 power-packed models from 19 ft to 56 ft max lifting height, and 5,500 lb to 15,000 lb max lifting capacity?
    • Stronger, quality-built design to ensure dependable job site performance, and tested for durability
    • Reliable and purposefully designed to reduce maintenance costs and total cost of ownership

With outstanding design and performance, Genie® GTH™ telehandlers provide all-around utility to answer virtually all your work site needs. Available in six power-packed models, Genie telehandlers offer exactly what you need for productivity in limited-access areas or applications where high reach is needed. With a wide range of available attachments, Genie telehandlers can easily handle even the most demanding jobs.


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In Aver Asia, we partnered with trusted brands and models to provide customers with quality telehandlers that meet international safety standards. The equipment is of various years and models and can be refurbished inside-out to look and work as good as new. We provide quality parts and accessories that meet industrial safety standards.

When you need the power and capability at commercial or construction sites, use Telehandler to lift up and get the work done! Whether you buy or rent, you have a peace of mind with Aver Asia. We offer both new and used equipment.

Call +65 6861 6361 or Email If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly salesperson. He can certainly help you find the right equipment to meet your budget and job requirements.