WSH Bulletin, 28 May 2020: The WSH Council reminds companies to prioritise workplace safety and health as work activities resume // Industry Workshop

WSH Bulletin, 28 May 2020: The WSH Council reminds companies to prioritise workplace safety and health as work activities resume // Industry Workshop

5月 28, 2020

28 May 2020, Ref: 2021124

The WSH Council reminds companies to prioritise workplace safety and health as work activities resume


As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, the Circuit Breaker measures will be gradually eased from 2 June 2020 onwards and businesses will be allowed to resume activities in phases. As many project schedules have been delayed by a month or more, some companies may try to make up for lost time by rushing site operations once selected work activities (e.g. construction activities) are allowed to resume. Companies are reminded not to rush their operations to manage their project delays.


Employers, principals, and persons at work must ensure that established workplace safety and health (WSH) procedures and maintenance regime are not compromised for the sake of work progress. Companies must put in place the necessary measures to ensure all work are carried out safely, including Safe Management Measures (SMM) as per Ministry of Manpower’s requirements.  


The safety and health of our workforce remains paramount at all times, and companies must do all they can to protect workers from injuries, accidents and illnesses while at work.


Adopt these guidelines to ensure safe working environment for workers

As work resumes, all employers and principals are reminded to:

• deploy only workers who are feeling well, fit for work and competent for the task;
• check that all vehicles, machinery, equipment and tools to be used have
   undergone routine maintenance, inspected to be in good working condition and
   ready for use;
• review the risk assessment for each work activity/process and account for the
   impact of reduced manpower, if any;
• confirm that risk controls are in place and effectively implemented;
• ensure Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) for any reduced manpower scenario have
   been established;
• provide the necessary on-site supervision to ensure SWPs are strictly adhered to;
• conduct toolbox briefings to ensure that workers are aware of the SWPs and
   on-site risk controls prior to starting work;
• put in place measures to protect workers from fatigue, heat stress and ergonomic
   risks; and
• implement SMM to provide a safe working environment and minimise risks of
   further COVID-19 outbreaks.

Make use of WSH training materials

Employers and principals can tap into a series of pictorial training slides to address common workplace hazards such as machinery safety, fall from height, and slips, trips and falls. They can download the WSH training slides, which include videos and other useful resources. The Council has also produced a safe distancing poster to facilitate training for workers.

Download the WSH Training Slides here.

Download the WSH Guidelines on Fatigue Management here.

Download the infographic produced by the Ministry Of Manpower and Ministry of Trade and Industry on the 6 mandatory steps on SMM at workplaces for employers when businesses reopen here.



WSH Seminar Series: Supporting WSH 2028 through Research

Find out how technology can play an impactful part to further strengthen WSH in future workspaces in the built environment. This seminar will be conducted via Zoom.
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 Topic: Technology-Enabled WSH
 Date: 19 June 2020 (Friday)
 Time: 2pm – 3.30pm

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